Love It, Review It, Give It Away: Sufficiently Advanced Magic By Andrew Rowe

This month's giveaway book is Sufficiently Advanced Magic by Andrew Rowe, an indie fantasy with a vivid world, labyrinth puzzles, and a complex magic system. For people looking for clean fantasy without the grittiness and sexuality of things like George R. R. Martin, this book is a good fit. There are a few romantic overtones, but no relationships ever materialize and the violence is very tame and mostly monster-focused.


Indie Book Review — Awaken Online: Catharsis

Details Author: Travis Bagwell Published: July 23, 2016 Print Length: 526 Pages Description (from the author): Are you tired of video games and books where you always hear the hero's tale? Perhaps it's time to get in touch with your evil side! Jason logs into Awaken Online fed-up with reality. He's in desperate need of … Continue reading Indie Book Review — Awaken Online: Catharsis