My Author Journey (September, 2018)

I am back in the querying trenches! Last month was the first time in my life where I spent more time sleeping away from home than I did in my own bed. I spent a week in the Azores for my 20th anniversary, did two camping trips with the family, and spent four days in New York to attend the Writer’s Digest Conference. At the conference, I pitched my book in the Pitch Slam and 5 out of 5 agents asked me to send pages of Death Warden. After working like crazy to switch the book from 1st person to 3rd person–a decision I’ve been debating for sometime–I managed to get the queries out this past weekend. So, wish me luck!

This month, I’ll be concentrating my focus on a YA Sci Fi book I’ve been picking at (think Pern x Pacific Rim). My goal is to have a readable, internally consistent draft this month before switching over to my most recent urban fantasy (a teenager working tech support for the mafia finds out that organized crime extends to the supernatural).

\This month’s The Dragon’s in the Details will look at how Robert Jordan established setting in The Eye of the World. Look for that in a couple weeks!


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