My Author Journey

I won’t lie. The past month has been frustrating. I had written about 70K words in my latest book—about a teen computer whiz who worked tech support for an occult mafia to cover her grandmother’s medical bills—and realized I was going to go way over my intended word count for the novel. I still had all these subplots and character moments to weave into the earlier chapters. I came to the inevitable conclusion that I was simple trying to do too much. The world and stories I wanted to tell wouldn’t fit into an 80K book. So I stopped, reevaluated, and have decided to turn it into a series. The plot of what used to be my book will now be an overarching plot for five books, and I came up with a different main plot for book one I think works better. Now I have room for the POVs and character stories that I want to tell, and I am feeling more satisfied. I am now 45K into the first novel (working title: Soul Drinker), and it is clipping along nicely. Right now, I target 1500 words/day on weekdays and 3000 words/day on weekends.

My most interesting Google searches this month have been: American WWII service weapons, what kind of damage does a shotgun loaded with salt do, and what does a magic mushroom trip feel like (and how do they smell/taste). Good fun, and less macabre than a lot of other weeks.

I have a meeting scheduled next week with the developmental editor I hired to work on Death Warden. That is both exciting and a little terrifying. I’m hoping to get a draft done of Soul Drinker in two or three weeks and then get into heavy editing for Death Warden. So, progress is being made, and I am in a positive place for the moment. I am starting to listen to more and more podcasts on book marketing to prepare myself for the day when I actually have something to market.

A friend of mine just self published his first book, a children’s middle grade humor book. He actually hit number one in that category for a bit, and I am trying hard not to be jealous. Some day.


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